Due to Simon’s “worst song in the world,” this guy scores a Golden Buzzer

It’s really satisfying to observe someone who is exceptionally skilled at something.
This is nicely demonstrated when watching the Olympics! Seeing a human fly down a track at close to the speed of a vehicle produces an emotion in us that few other things can match.

We undoubtedly like watching talent shows on television for the same reason.

America’s Got Talent is the Olympics for those who have abilities that aren’t necessarily sports-related!

For the most part, they are more relatable, and we can never get enough of observing people’s inventiveness and expertise.

One man recently went on the show, and his performance was so good that the judges gave him the Golden Buzzer.

Jimmie Herrod is a gifted performer who chose to give it his all on the stage only a few nights ago.

When Jimmie came onto the platform, he was met with the sight of four business heavyweights sitting before him—a terrifying reality for anyone!

One of the judges, Simon Cowell, took the lead and began asking the traditional opening questions.

Jimmie, as we quickly discovered, was really apprehensive, and we couldn’t blame him!
Jimmie works as an online kid’s music instructor and was ready to broaden his horizons and seize the chance.

Simon concludes after seeing the judges and telling his experience,

“You have the stage!”

Jimmie reveals that he will be performing “Tomorrow,” a favorite from the film Annie.

Suddenly, Simon’s expression changes—and it’s not a nice one.
Tomorrow is his least favorite tune out of all the music in the world, he says.

It’s already an uphill struggle for Jimmie to impress the judges.

However, as we soon discover, certain conflicts are worthwhile.
Jimmie finally grabs the microphone.

He begins to sing, his voice calm and clear, the ideal accompaniment to such an intense tune.

As he progresses, he reaches the first intense moment, and it’s fantastic.

Simon’s expression changes as he listens to the lovely performance.

If they receive a “golden buzzer,” they will be immediately pushed to the top of the list and advanced to the next stage of the competition.

Jimmie no longer had to worry about whether or not he would make it—he had a definite place!

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