Due to the delay caused by the train, this guy feared that he would be unable to attend his graduation ceremony; but, later on, an unexpected event took place…

Every person that lives in New York is well aware that the New York City Subway is not always the most dependable form of transportation.

However, Jerich Marco Alcantara and his extended family relied on the E train to deliver them to the college where he was having his graduation ceremony.

At 8:15 in the morning, he and his family left their house in Queens with the intention of getting to his college in the next hour. 22-year-old Alcantara boarded the train with his dad, aunt, and godparents, as well as his friends and girlfriend.

He was prepared with his violet cap and gown and was just minutes away from arriving at their station when an announcement came on saying that the train would be delayed owing to a problem with the emergency brake.

Before a rescue train could reach them, the passengers and Alcantara had been delayed for almost an hour and a half. Unfortunately, they faced yet another delay on the second train as a consequence of a problem with the signal.

Soon after, it became quite evident that he would not be attending the graduation ceremony that he had been invited to and it was really upsetting for him and his family, especially considering how much the graduation meant to all of them.

Alcantara was the first of his siblings to acquire a degree from a college. He attended the Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing with the intention of pursuing a career in nursing.

However, in order to lighten the atmosphere a bit while they were waiting for the rescue train, he decided to make a joke. After that, Alcantara faced the other people who were riding on the train and addressed them, saying, “Thank you guys for coming out today to watch my graduation. I appreciate it.”

Everyone on the train started cheering, which prompted his friends to surprise him with an impromptu graduation ceremony on the train.

While someone else played “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day and “Congratulations” by Post Malone, a buddy of his “become the dean” and made an image of a diploma on his phone using an app.

Even though it’s not a formal ceremony, it was a really touching moment for Alcantara, and the other passengers smiled and cheered for him the whole time. People applauded him and wished him the best of luck as they got off at their respective stops on the bus.

When questioned about the delays and the impromptu graduation ceremony, Alcantara gave a very upbeat and optimistic response. He added that “not everyone has the chance to have a graduation aboard a train.”

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