During his concert, Marc Anthony noticed something special with this kid and…

Johnny Rivera Jr. was born without sight, but on the occasion of his sixteenth birthday, his father surprised him with a very  unique present. A opportunity to see his favorite musical artist, Marc Anthony, perform live in front of an audience.

However, it is not all that occurs during this boy’s eventful day. Marc’s attention was drawn to the father-son pair despite the fact that they were among a throng of 20,000 other people.

When they drew the attention of the megastar, musician Marc Anthony was in the midst of performing his song “Live My Life.”

Then he realized that Johnny Jr. was singing and dancing along with the phrase “Why cry? Why suffer? Begin to fantasize and make yourself chuckle.

Their joy inspired Marc’s heart to beat a little faster. In addition to this, he requested assistance from a security officer in order to go down the platform and greet them.

This very moment was undeniably a gift, not just for Johnny and his father, but also for the Latin celebrity, and it was obviously meant to be that way. Words set to music have the unique ability to draw people together for a variety of different reasons.

And for these three guys, it was a moment frozen in time that served as a reminder to enjoy every day, laugh often, and dance whenever possible.

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