During live session, the news anchor is completely taken aback when the weatherman makes unexpected announcement…

The title of this proposal video says, “Jacey Birch, WPLG’s Morning News Anchor and Animal Advocate Reporter, was waiting to conduct a satellite interview with the American Kennel Club about ‘Pets and the Holidays.'”

The proposal video was shown to Jacey Birch as she was waiting to perform the interview.

“She had no idea that her boyfriend, the meteorologist Trent Aric, who also works at the station, had arranged for the interview to take place in the first place. Following a series of predetermined ‘technical issues,’ Trent suddenly appears on screen with a surprise!”

The adorable film that the forecaster created just for the proposal is played first before he makes his proposal and it was very thoughtfully put together, and it featured words from their loved ones, which made it a really priceless keepsake.

Everyone in the couple’s life, from their parents to their nephews to their friends, was rooting for them and wishing them the best of luck in their endeavors. When Jacey first became aware of what was taking on, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing!

And as Trent was driving to the recording studio to pop the question, Jacey was marveling at all of the thoughtful preparations that Trent had made for the proposal as she watched the touching video.

In the video, Trent can be heard saying, “I will never leave your side. I will never stop loving you. And I can promise that eternity will not be long enough to be with you.” When he finally reaches Jacey, he takes her hand and proposes to her as the weatherman is watching.

He continues, “I have been waiting for this to take place for a number of months. I love you. Will you accept my proposal of marriage, Jacey Marie Birch?” She gives a positive response, and the two of them hug and kiss one other tenderly.

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