During one performance on “Britain’s Got Talent,” a particular act left judge Simon Cowell looking very perplexed and uncomfortable…

The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy is the first song that the group known as The Dots performs during their set.

After barely a few seconds into the song, something about their performance looks strange, and things quickly begin to head in the wrong direction.

The ladies are not only singing, but also dancing in time with each other, or at least making an effort to do so.

You can hear one of the ladies directing the other woman, “other way,” many times as they are performing.

Things can only get worse from that point on. During the course of the trio’s performance, one of the women suffers a bloody nose and manages to pull her trousers down around her ankles. Another lady even loses her hairpiece in the melee.

But don’t be concerned! The Dots’s appearance on Britain’s Got Talent was filled with amusing gaffes, but they were all a part of the performance!

It’s possible that the momentary expressions of confusion on the faces of the judges were even hilarious than the antics that were going place on stage.

After the comic performance, Simon reveals that, as can be seen by the startled expression on his face, he believed that their faults were not purposeful.

“I’m not quite as smart as I used to be, am I? By the way, it was really clever of you since you managed to trick me completely “Simon says.

The women’s funny performance was lauded by all of the judges, who therefore gave them all yes votes and advanced them to the next round.

In addition, Simon would state, “I knew all along it was a joke,” and then conclude his response by expressing his agreement with the statement.

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