During the boy’s last day of cancer treatment, he is escorted to and from the facility by police officers and firemen given his…

The battle against cancer is a protracted and arduous one, particularly for youngsters. They need as much assistance as they can get, and earlier this week, a little kid from Warwick who is just nine years old got a great deal of it.

Cal was led to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence by a team of police officers and firemen, ensuring that his arrival at the institution was both dignified and secure.

It turned out to be a rather monumental day for Cal, since it was the final day of his chemotherapy treatment for his disease.

In addition, in order to commemorate the significant event, a group of law enforcement officers and firefighters from around the state participated in an initiative called Enzo’s Escorts, and they went with the youngster as he was taken to the hospital.

As they made their way to Warwick, the caravan of law enforcement vehicles traversed Route 95, which at the time was blocked for a period of time. The caravan included twelve police motorcycles, two police horses, a fire truck, cruisers, and a fire truck.

After the therapy was over, they transported him back to his house in the same same manner.

The business that is known as Enzo’s Escorts was conceptualized by David Neri, a fireman in Cranston, and his wife, Rebekah.

Their son Lorenzo, who was eight years old at the time, fought leukemia for over three years. In April, when the child had the last of his treatments at Hasbro, the family decided that they wanted to mark the milestone in some way.

David and Rebekah wanted to do more for Lorenzo, even though the hospital personnel did a wonderful job of commemorating a child’s completion of their last chemotherapy treatment.

Throughout the ordeal that their kid was going through, their fellow cops and firemen provided them with the necessary support.

And when it came time to honor Lorenzo’s big day, the team delivered: they walked Lorenzo and his family to and from his last treatment. Lorenzo’s big day was a success because of the squad’s efforts.

Even though David was used to seeing this common scene—riding in fire trucks with lights flashing and sirens wailing—the experience of travelling with an escort for such a reason provided him with a sensation that was both new and enjoyable.

“It was really, extremely pleasant. Why aren’t there more children who can have this?” Neri was able to recollect thinking to himself at the time.

The Neris are planning to broaden the availability of Enzo’s Escorts so that it may be provided to the families of other children who are battling cancer.

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