Dwayne Johnson, an actor, startled a real-life superhero on his television show…

In Brooklyn, New York, actor Dwayne Johnson has a pleasant surprise in store for real-life superhero Yuri Williams. When Yuri Williams’ mother passed away in 2009 from cancer, he was at the lowest point of his life at that time.

After that, he came to the conclusion that the best way to assist those who were at their lowest was to dress up like a superhero.

“As the Founder of A Future Superhero and Friends, a non-profit organization that offers crucial supporting services, emergency assistance, and distraction to people of all ages, from old men to children who are sick or handicapped, I have seen firsthand the need for these kinds of programs.”

He goes to the homes of families whose children are battling ailments that are extremely dangerous and gives them gifts. In addition, he feeds the underprivileged members of the neighborhood. He has completed three tours in all 50 states at this point.

Williams has said that he feels like a superhero because of the children that he has helped.

When he goes to people’s homes, he makes an additional effort to make them feel unique and special since he is aware that the child may not live to see another Christmas or may not even survive this one.

The actor took the actual superhero by surprise by giving him a costume of “Black Adam” to add to his collection of outfits.

Black Adam is the newest film starring actor Dwayne Johnson, and it tells the story of a hero who lived 5,000 years ago and struggled to understand the difference between justice and retribution.

In addition to that, he was given tickets to the premiere of the film as well as an exclusive screening of the movie in his hometown.

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