Elderly Pen Pals Who Have Been Writing Letters to Each Other for Over 80 Years Celebrate Their 100th Birthdays…

Geoff Banks, who lives in Devon, England, and Celesta Byrne, who lives in New Jersey, have broken the record for being the world’s oldest people to correspond with one another via the mail.

Geoff and Celesta, both just 16 years old at the time, began exchanging letters in 1938, after being matched up with each other for the purpose of an educational endeavor.

And even now, 84 years later, they continue to correspond with one another through mail.

Geoff said that “somehow I ended up with this letter from an American girl, and we just been writing ever since.” ”

Even though Geoff was serving his country in World War II, the two remained in contact with one another.

Celesta said, however, that despite the fact that they had been in touch for so many years, they never had a love relationship.

Celesta described the two of them as “simply buddies, like individuals who live next door.”

“She is a highly intriguing and fascinating person. She has always been available for correspondence, even if it consisted just of greeting cards for holidays and birthdays “It was shared by Geoff.

“However, most of the time we simply talk about our everyday lives and our families while also trying to solve the problems of the world.”

Because penning words on paper grew increasingly difficult for Geoff, the pen pals decided to transition to communicating with each other through email instead.

And just recently, they participated in their very first joint Zoom call, asd Celesta said that it was pleasant to hear his voice. After all of those years of writing, the authors did not finally have the chance to meet each other until the year 2002, when Geoff was in New York City over the holiday season.

They got together once again after two years had passed when Celesta invited Geoff over to her house in New Jersey for lunch when he was in the neighborhood.

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