Elizabeth Debicki looks like Princess Diana in a bathing suit with cheetah prints on it

Princess Diana has long been a tragic and captivating historical figure.

She’s also become a vehicle for prestige actresses to flex their muscles in recent years, with Naomi Watts, Kristen Stewart, and Emma Corrin all delivering their own takes on the character. It’s now Elizabeth Debicki’s turn. The British actress is well-known for her alluring demeanor and proclivity to play wealthy and tragic women, making her an ideal choice.

Debicki will appear in the fifth season of “The Crown,” and new photos show why she looks so much like Princess Diana.

Debicki is seen in the new photos dressed as a cheetah in a bathing suit. Diana, in an unforgettable paparazzi moment that showed her on vacation on the French Riviera alongside Mohamed Al Fayed, is played by Debicki.

Dominic West, who will play Prince Charles, will join Debicki in the role. Both actors have a lot to live up to when they play the public breakup of Diana and Charles’s marriage and the scandal that followed.

Season 5 of “The Crown” will start on November 9, and it will probably be the most controversial season yet. It will cover historical events like Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir and Prince Charles’ very public affair with Camila Parker-Bowles.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth, the series is under pressure. While “The Crown” is still a work of fiction, it is based on historical events that have long been a source of contention for British monarchs.

“Princess Diana was so iconic and so cool—the kind of cool I could never be,” Debicki told The New York Times. She discussed her fashion sense and how it assisted her in being strong, which helped her play the part.

“It came from her in the sense of, ‘I will create a narrative separate from the one I can speak about, and I will do it with my clothing,'” she explained.

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