Elizabeth Taylor’s grandson has her eyes and passion for charity

Elizabeth Taylor found solace in assisting people and her responsibilities as a grandmother among the glamour and dazzle of notoriety. She had ten grandchildren whom she adored, and as a result, her look-alike grandson, Quinn, acquired her love of charity and has carried on her work.

Elizabeth Taylor was an amazing performer known for many things, including her remarkable beauty, fashion sense, business acumen, generosity, and being a distinctive sex symbol. She was the first female actor to earn $1 million following her participation in “Cleopatra.”

Unlike Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot, her sex symbol popularity sprang from her acting abilities. She worked in Hollywood for a long time and then rose to become its most powerful matriarch.

Another intriguing truth about the actress was that she was married to seven different men. Taylor’s romantic relationships frequently made headlines—she was married eight times, twice to the same guy, Richard Burton.

Her close ones described her differently than the rest of the world did. The “Cleopatra” actress raised four children: Michael Wilding Jr., Chris Wilding, Liza Todd, and Maria Burton.

She also had eleven grandchildren, including Laela, Naomi, Caleb, Andrew, Tarquin, Lowell Wilding, Rhys and Quinn Tivey, Elizabeth Carson (whom she adopted), and Richard McKeown, whom she loved and whose style she influenced.

The world celebrated Women’s History Month last year, and two of Taylor’s first children, including Michael Wilding Jr., talked about their favorite memories of their grandmother.

One of the ladies, Naomi, told TODAY correspondent Dylan Dreyer about sitting on the floor of her grandmother’s dressing room and staring at her while she got dressed.

Taylor’s celebrity, according to Naomi, did not prevent her from being the finest grandma. She was friendly and caring. The actress enjoyed her on-screen roles as much as she did her real-life ones.

Taylor, as a grandmother, did not spoil or indulge her grandchildren. Her granddaughter stated that she enjoyed teaching them about family values. In her own words:

“She had this feeling that she was responsible for parenting the family’s younger generations. It was crucial to her that she instilled similar ideals in us as well.”

The actress was just as passionate at home as she was on television. Naomi said that one of her grandmother’s values was to “follow your heart and be loyal to whatever love you have—not to be frightened of getting wounded.”

Taylor loved her family and expressed her sentiments to her boyfriends. Her granddaughter had uncovered some love letters and never-before-seen photographs for her biography.

She went out to the ill and destitute in addition to treating others around her with an open heart and compassion. Her ideals included advocacy and making the world a better place.

The trailblazing actress died on March 23, 2011. She had spent six weeks at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center when she received the heartbreaking news. Taylor was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2004 and has since battled complications.

For many years, she struggled with health issues such as a brain tumor, osteoporosis, a stroke, scoliosis, and respiratory sickness and was frequently admitted to the hospital.

Taylor persevered despite her previous difficulties, healing after each hospital admission. In 2009, she confidently assured followers that she was in good health, regardless of what the tabloids stated. She claims that

“Dear friends, my heart treatment went ahead without a hitch.” “It’s like getting a new ticker.”

Unfortunately, six months before her death, her health began to fail her. She got feeble and went around in a wheelchair, but the actress remained sharp. Taylor’s thinking remained bright, and she lifted the glass at an early birthday party in her Bel-Air mansion and exclaimed:

“I’m still alive!”

Despite her weakness, the actress denied additional surgery, and she died two months later. Her death shocked her friends and family, who had hoped she would recover from the disease. Sally Morrison, a close friend and final publicist, said the following:

“She’d come back from the edge of disaster so many times. We were all expecting her to do it again. So it came as quite a surprise when she didn’t.
Michael, the actress’s son, acknowledged their sadness in a real tone. He did, however, highlight his mother’s accomplishments in cinema, business, and activism, asserting that her legacy will continue. In his own words:

“Her memory will live on, her spirit will always be with us, and her love will live on in our hearts forever.”

Even though Quinn did not acquire his grandmother’s acting talent, they share many traits, including their eyes and a strong desire to help others. Liza Todd’s oldest son, Quinn Todd, grew up in a small town far from Hollywood, but he loved spending time with Taylor as a family.

He, like his cousin Naomi, never strained for the famous movie star’s attention; at home, she was just his grandma, dazzling everyone around with affection. One of his favorite memories is of them watching TV. He remarked:

Despite the fact that she died many years ago, Quinn is still motivated by her renowned character. His grandma, in his opinion, was “never scared to speak her thoughts while always behaving with courage and compassion.” He continued:

“That’s motivating to me.”

Quinn has shown this by being an activist. He is a trustee of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and has continued her work. He thinks she would be proud of him.

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