Ella Travolta, John Travolta’s Daughter, Wishes Her Father a Happy 69th Birthday and Honors Him “My Hero…”

Ella Travolta is honoring her “hero” father, John Travolta, with a celebration.

Celebrating her father’s 69th birthday on Sunday, the actress, who is now 22 years old, sent a loving message on Instagram for him.

Ella wrote, “Yesterday commemorated the birthday of my idol,” accompanying a picture of herself and the person she considers to be her inspiration, posing cheek to cheek. “The best parent, friend, and example of a person to look up to that anybody could ask for. I adore you, Daddy❤❤❤”

John immediately responded to her kind words by saying the following: “I love you too my beloved Ella, more than you are aware of.” The father and daughter have a close relationship and feel an immense amount of pride for one another’s achievements.

The actor from Paradise City shares custody of his children, Ella, 13, and Ben, 12, with his late wife Kelly Preston.

Kelly Preston passed away in July 2020 at the age of 57 following a battle with breast cancer.

In addition, the couple was parents to their son Jett, who passed away in 2009 at the age of 16. In a recent interview, John said how happy he was of his daughter, who has chosen to pursue a career in acting like both of her famous parents did.

John said that he could not be more proud of his daughter. In 2019, Ella appeared in the suspense film The Poison Rose, which also featured her father and Morgan Freeman in starring roles. “She is her own unique individual, she is kind, generous, poised, elegant, and stunning all at the same time ”

In the month of August 2019, Travolta said. “I have no idea how she got into this world, and I don’t claim any responsibility for her existence beyond the simple fact that I adore her. And it’s possible that this is a worthwhile contribution.”

In response, the singer known for her hit single “Dizzy” routinely expresses her admiration on social media for the unique connection she has with her father as well as the influence he has had on her life.

She wrote in 2021, saying, “You make parenthood appear so simple, even if it’s not always like that.”

“You are the reason why each day is more enjoyable than the one before it. When we are feeling low, you are the source of our delight. You are the greatest buddy we could ever ask for, and we love you more than anything in the world.

One day, I want that I could be even a quarter of the wonderful father that you are.”

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