Emilia Flores decided to put a clothing rack outside her restaurant for those in need

With temperatures in North Texas plunging below freezing, one restaurant owner is doing something practical and easy to keep the homeless warm. Emilia Flores owns the Taco Stop and chose to install a garment rack outside her business. It’s stuffed with coats, jackets, and sweaters that are free to take.

People may donate clothes or pick them up if they need them to stay warm. Flores stated that she developed the concept while in Mexico and that it has been a huge hit since its introduction last year.

“They can simply come to collect them.” They don’t even have to ask or be embarrassed about it. “And I think that’s fantastic,” Flores said of the homeless individuals who visit the rack. Although her wardrobe was raided numerous times last year, her clients rallied and renewed the supply of items each time.

“You can genuinely make a difference in tiny ways,” she told WFAA. “And this year, I felt that because the globe and the country are so politicized, it’s just another reminder that it takes very little to make people’s lives simpler.”

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