Emma Willis, wife of Bruce Willis, sends Demi Moore best wishes for her 60th birthday: We Love You Inside and Out…’

As part of the festivities to commemorate Moore’s 60th birthday on Friday, Emma, 44, posted a snapshot to her Instagram Story in which she and her husband Bruce, 67, were seen carrying copies of Moore’s 2019 biography Inside Out.

In the caption of the shot, Emma wished Demi Moore a happy birthday with the hashtag “@demimoore.” “We adore you In and Out.”

Bruce and Moore were married from 1987 to 2000, and during that time they had three daughters: Rumer (now 34), Scout (now 31), and Tallulah (now 28). In 2009, he wed Emma, and the couple has been blessed with two daughters: Mabel Ray and Evelyn Penn.

Moore had earlier paid homage to Emma on International Women’s Day of the previous year, when she was celebrating “the women who inspire me.” She referred to Emma as “a wonderful mother committed to her family” and “an extremely stunning lady.”

“I seeHer as a member of my own family who I am privileged to be able to call a friend. Despite the fact that our daughters are sisters, there is no term for the term that describes our family’s relationship to one another.

On this wacky journey of life, we are moms supporting one another and sisters bound together “Moore had written at this period.

Moore responded as follows when asked what she was most looking forward to about reaching 60: “Being someone who is not defined by a number but rather by their experiences is what defines them. When you reach the age of 59, you find yourself thinking, “Well, I’m going to be 60.”

“When I think of my grandmother at the age of 60, she in a sense appeared to have already resigned to the fact that she was old,” she went on to say. “Yet despite this, in a lot of ways I feel more alive and present than I ever have before.”

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