Emotional reunions of friends and families who have been separated for years

When people say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, they really mean it. This compilation of family and friends reunited after years apart will melt your heart.

A long-overdue homecoming is always a welcome sight, whether for parents who surprise their children or for children who surprise their parents. Watch the tears and the smiles as these families reunite.

Christmas is the perfect time to spread cheer, especially to those you care about. There is no better gift for these parents than having their grown-up children home for the holidays.

Nothing is more emotional or heartwarming than a planned reunion with a loved one who has been deployed with the military overseas. Perhaps an unplanned reunion is slightly more rewarding!

One family member pulled a very sneaky surprise by photobombing a family picture. When the other members had their mother look at the photo, she was shocked to see him in it.

Reunions are memorable, no matter how they occur. Whether you’re running full-fledged down a sidewalk or surprising your childhood friend at their college dorm, you’re creating a moment you’ll never forget.

Through the smiles and the tears, these videos show just how important our connections are with each other. Maybe this will inspire you to plan a surprise trip to see that loved one who has been missing you!

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