Emotional Video: The sweetest emotion possible was shown by an overwhelmed sixth-grader when he was surprised on his first birthday after being…

Abraham was born in Sierra Leone, which is located in West Africa. In October of 2021, Jamie Walker and Joe Walker became Abraham’s adoptive parents. Considering he has never been a part of a birthday party before, his family has decided to throw one for him this year.

On May 19, Jamie Walker strolled out carrying an especially special cake for Abraham’s first birthday since they adopted him and brought him to America.

Abraham’s family can be seen gathering in the kitchen and singing Abraham happy birthday.

The camera then panned to Abraham, who seemed to be overcome with wonder at the sight of the very first birthday cake he’d ever had in his life. He began to sob uncontrollably as his sisters held their phones up to film his response.

He said that neither he nor his family had ever heard of the concept of a birthday.

While Jamie was placing the cake on the table, the middle schooler suddenly sprang up, dashed up to his father, and gave him a hug.

Everyone requested him to make a wish, but the celebrant was filled with emotion and couldn’t respond to their requests. Before he eventually extinguished the candles, he not only gave Jamie a lengthy hug, but he also continued to weep joyful tears at the kind gift.

Jamie remarked on Facebook, “What a priceless present this very moment was.

Unbelievably simple, but carrying an enormous amount of weight. As events transpired, it occurred to me that Abraham wouldn’t have any concept of what it meant to “make a wish,” so we gave him a second chance.”

In October of 2021, Abraham and James, Abraham’s elder brother, were adopted by the Walker family.

When Joe was in Sierra Leone with a friend who had founded an orphanage there, that is where he first had the opportunity to meet them.

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