Eric Roberts has credited his wife of 29 years, whom he refers to as his “Guardian Angel,” for helping him walk and talk again as well as fixing his “joke” life…

The difficulty that Eric Roberts had as a youngster with his speech inspired him to pursue a career in acting.

The actor had a horrible stutter when he was younger, but when he was five, he realized that if he learned things, he could talk normally. Since then, he has grown to have a passion for acting, which has led to his participation in more than 500 films.

His success in Hollywood can be directly attributed to a lady who stuck by his side and served as his pillar of strength all the way through the difficult times in their lives.

It has been 29 years since Roberts and his wife Eliza have been together, and over that time their relationship has only grown stronger. The two became acquainted while sitting next to one another on a flight operated by MGM Grand airlines.

The script that Eliza was holding was written by her father, David Rayfiel. As soon as they were comfortable in their seats, they were confronted with the need to discuss the material they were reading.

The next question that Eliza posed to Roberts was, “Who is your favorite screenwriter?” Roberts said that there was only one answer to that question, and it was “Rayfiel.”

After that, he went on to describe the work that Rayfiel had done, and Eliza replied that she was familiar with it since Rayfiel was her father.

The trip served as the starting point for a whirlwind affair that culminated in the couple’s marriage in 1992, which took place six years after the first meeting.

And although Eliza and her husband’s love story was a marriage made in heaven, she does not hesitate to say that her spouse may be a source of some frustration at times.

Roberts was on his way to an exciting period when he would become a bankable leading man in Hollywood after securing a succession of breakthrough roles in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

What, therefore, transpired in his life to prevent him from achieving the level of popularity that he was unquestionably destined to achieve?

When he started using substances, it was the beginning of his problems some years earlier. Roberts confesses he became entangled with the habit when the temptation was popular in Hollywood.

He became so engrossed in it that in 1981, while Roberts was under the influence of it, he was involved in a terrible accident.

He had to relearn how to walk and communicate after falling into a coma, and his speech had been severely impaired while he was in it.

The star of “Twist of Fate” spent two months attempting to get back into shape while also attending treatment.

He acknowledges that this period of his life was one of the most difficult times of his life.

Although he was able to recover after a time, he continued to struggle with difficulties related to his short-term memory. However, he was never able to kick his habit and in 1987 he was arrested for possession of illegal substances.

Eventually, his wife reached her breaking point and presented him with an impossible choice: he could either give up the substances or give up her.

He made a complete about-face in his life because he did not want to be separated from the lady who had been at his side throughout everything.

The ability to make positive changes in one’s life is not available to everyone, but Roberts was able to get his life in order, and he gives a lot of credit to his wife for being there for him and supporting him to do so.

Following his recovery, Roberts shared with Eliza that he would be content if he were able to work each and every day. Unfortunately, he had lost confidence with agents, and important parts ceased being offered to him as a result.

He began making B movies one after the other, and before he knew it, he had produced more than 30 pictures in three years, and up to 70 films between the years 2016 and 2018.

Roberts claims that he turned into a joke, and other people make fun of him; nevertheless, Roberts’s wife made it a point to tell him on a regular basis that he was a lovely person.

Because of his wife, Roberts was able to triumph over the various challenges that he faced during his life.

He describes Eliza as the one thing that has remained the same in his life and as his protector angel over the years.

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