Even after marrying his partner of 12 years, who later became Demi Moore’s close friend, Bruce Willis’ love for Demi Moore remained unwavering…

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore had been married for close to 10 years prior to their decision to divorce. They went on to have three children together, and even when he remarried, he never stopped having feelings for Demi Moore, who is now a friend of his new wife.

Willis and Moore were introduced to one another for the first time in 1987 at the premiere of “Stakeout.” Willis was portrayed in the movie, and Moore believed he was “cocky, dark, and attractive.”

On that particular evening, Willis’s whole attention was on Moore (her ex-boyfriend), and Estevez was able to see this.

Moore said that Willis seemed fairly attentive as the evening progressed, and she was astonished to find out later that he had a date that night with another lady. Moore’s comments came after she learned that Willis had a date with another woman.

Moore could not resist Willis’ charms, then he  accompanied her to her vehicle, took down her contact information, and the rest, as they say, is history.

On November 21, 1987, they had their wedding ceremony at the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas. Willis managed to convince Moore to marry him during the course of the weekend four months after the two first met.

After the birth of their first child, Moore and Willis had a disagreement because Moore wanted to go back to work, but Willis wanted her to remain a stay-at-home parent.

They ultimately came to the conclusion that having a family of their own was more important and  went on to have two more children, so it seemed as if their marital troubles were in the past at that point.

However, the pair decided to end their marriage in 1998, and the divorce was finalized two years later in 2000.

Willis claimed that they had matured and grown at separate speeds, and that they continuously analyzed their relationship, which led him to the conclusion that their marriage had failed.

In spite of the fact that Moore and Willis are no longer together, they co-parented their three children until they reached adulthood. In 2007, Willis first met his future wife, Emma Heming, a model who was born in Malta, in the gym where they both worked out.

Heming was awarded the title of “The British Elle Supermodel” in the early 1990s, and she has since gone on to model for a variety of high-end fashion labels all around the globe.

When he began to spend time with Heming on a regular basis, he found that his life was filled with a great deal of joy. They have a lot of similarities, despite the fact that their ages are approximately 20 years apart from one another.

In March of 2009, the ceremony took place at the couple’s home in Turks and Caicos. They were had to redo the ceremony exactly one week later since the first one did not have the required legal weight in Beverly Hills.

Moore was a guest at the first wedding of Heming and Willis, which she attended to show her respect for the couple.

“In the same manner that I welcomed her into our family, she welcomed me into hers,” she said. “I want to emphasize that I have a tremendous lot of respect for her.”

She also voiced her respect for Willis and Moore’s attempts to put their children’s needs first when they were going through their divorce.

On International Women’s Day 2021, Moore took to her Instagram page to pay tribute to the people who have been an inspiration to her, and Heming was one of the women on Moore’s list.

Moore said in the caption that she is proud to call Heming a friend and that she considers Heming to be a part of her family.

She praised Heming’s savvy in the corporate world, as well as her doggedness and enthusiasm, and called her a “great mother” who is devoted to her children and husband.

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