Even his teacher was shocked by the 10-year-old guy’s performance of Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption” on guitar

The guitar is not an easy instrument to master, but there are some youngsters who are naturals at it.
Every now and again, a young soul who was born to shred comes along.

The rock gods may occasionally awaken and shower some of their blessings on the present generation of performers.

The world requires it. Both you and I require it.

That’s what happened with this 10-year-old boy, whose very complicated melody shocked both his teacher and the crowd.

He climbs the stage with his electric guitar and performs a legendary Van Halen song like a pro, leaving the audience breathless.

This astounded me—he was born to be a superstar!

Garret Podgorski, a 10-year-old prodigy, grabbed the spotlight at school by performing “Eruption” by Van Halen.
When Podgorski’s orchestra teacher saw something special in him, he had only been playing the guitar for two years.

The teacher had the young man practice the bass until she saw a YouTube video of him playing the guitar and was blown away by his skill.

How thoughtful of her to let this boy demonstrate his incredible abilities throughout the presentation!

She thought Podgorski had a rare gift that the world needed to hear after witnessing the video.

So, during the orchestra strings concert in 2012, the teacher requested that he demonstrate his ability, and he surprised the audience.

In this jaw-dropping performance, a young, anxious Podgorski mounts the stage and begins to play the tough Van Halen song.

The other youngsters in the orchestra are stunned as his electric guitar takes over the room.
He smashes through the Van Halen riffs like they’re nothing, virtually setting fire to the frets on the blue guitar.

Podgorski utilizes his electric guitar’s whammy bar to generate stunning distortion that exactly matches the classic tune.

People in the audience can’t help but cheer, knowing they’re watching something monumental.

The 10-year-old masterfully performs “Eruption” while adding his own twists and musical creativity.

He achieves sounds that only the finest guitarists can get by putting both hands on the neck of the guitar to achieve a unique pitch.
I can’t believe he’d only been playing guitar for two years at this time; most people take decades to master!

Podgorski performs the Van Halen song flawlessly, and the crowd is captivated by his abilities.

His teacher was right to be taken aback by his performance, as people like him only come around once in a lifetime.

Watch the video below to see the incredible guitar solo!

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