Even if Simon isn’t a big fan of Siegfried and Joy, everyone else can’t stop laughing at the best “worst magicians…”

Even though Simon wasn’t convinced by Siegfried & Joy, the finest “worst magicians,” everyone else on America’s Got Talent was laughing their heads off during their hilarious performance on the competition.

The name of their performance is unmistakably a reference to the legendary magicians Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn, most often referred to as Siegfried and Roy.

Siegfried and Roy were genuine and very talented magicians who took their trade very seriously.

But Siegfried and Joy weren’t nearly as popular! The two performers that are going to be appearing in front of the AGT panel of judges in this video are more comediennes than magicians, and they are far more zany than mysterious.

Siegfried and Joy are making jokes about magic and about themselves in their performance, which is more of a slapstick routine than a mysterious one, and the audience is more likely to like it for that reason.

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