Even though Simon Cowell adores his son, he is not going to leave him his $600 million fortune, and will most probably…

Simon Cowell, a famous entertainment star, is known for being one of the most stringent and critical judges on reality programs that include talent competitions.

When Simon Cowell is not busy judging people on television or working with different musical talents, he enjoys spending time with his family, which comprises of his longtime wife Lauren Silverman and their lovely son Eric.

Even though Cowell is a devoted parent to his son Eric at this point in his life, it does not imply that he plans to give Eric any portion of the enormous fortune he has accumulated.

Because Cowell is of the opinion that children who get a family inheritance do not work as hard to acquire their own wealth, he has made it public knowledge that he does not want to leave his money to Eric when he passes away.

Cowell held the notion that parenthood wasn’t for him in the past, but when he and Lauren had their son Eric in 2014, his perspective has changed significantly.

The public became aware of the fact that not only was Cowell expecting a kid but also that he had made a long-term commitment to Lauren in 2013, which caused the news of their relationship to become viral.

Even more surprising was the news that Lauren, one of Simon Cowell’s closest friends at the time, was expecting a child while she was still married to Andrew Silverman.

Reportedly, the first time Simon Cowell met Lauren and her now-ex-husband was in 2004, while he was on holiday at the Sandy Lane resort in Barbados. Almost immediately, the three of them forged a bond that would continue to last long after their journey was ended.

Both Cowell and Lauren felt dissatisfied in their respective relationships and secretly began an affair that was on-and-off during their time together. After the American socialite who was seeing Cowell got pregnant with the latter’s kid in 2013, the couple felt obligated to discuss their connection publicly.

Immediately after the news surfaced, her then-husband filed for a “at-fault” divorce, alleging her adultery with Cowell as the sole grounds.

Cowell said in 2013 that he was not proud of the beginning of his relationship with Lauren because of the agony that it caused both of them. In the middle of all of the high-profile controversy, Lauren gave birth to a healthy baby boy on February 14, 2014.

He was given the name Eric and, despite the significant media attention and the early bad headlines, the pair has persevered and is still together today.

The two individuals give off the impression that they are very supportive of one another and have been there for one another through all of the ups and downs in each other’s lives.

Cowell claimed the following “My life has changed, but I believe I am more focused today than I was a year ago on what I am doing. It’s possible that the fact that there are two people in my life for whom I am responsible helps me keep things in perspective.

Speaking of his son, Simon says, “he is the most amazing thing that has ever taken place in my life. The guy is very dear to me,” though, despite the fact that Cowell has nothing but utmost affection for Eric, he has made the decision not to leave any of his wealth to him in his will.

Cowell’s estimated net worth is 600 million dollars. He made it abundantly clear that he wouldn’t be giving his kid an inheritance: “I reject the concept of passing things down from one generation to the next.

Your legacy must be that, ideally, you assisted a sufficient number of people in achieving their goals by making yourself, your time, and your expertise available to them.

Cowell said that he was going to give it away, saying, “I’m going to give someone my money; very likely a charitable organization.”

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