Ever since he convinced her to change her mind about getting married, Marlo Thomas still dresses up for her husband of 42 years, Phil Donahue…

Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue are one of the Hollywood couples that have been together for the longest amount of time. In 1977, when Thomas was doing publicity for a movie and appearing as a guest on “The Donahue Show,” the pair had their first encounter.

The actress posted a photo on her Instagram account from the interview and captioned it, “It was immediate chemistry.”

During their appearance as guests on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” the pair reflected on the now-famous interview, and Thomas went on and on about how much she adored Donahue and how much she cherished that moment.

Thomas went on to explain that she adored Donahue because they had the same “middle class” and “midwestern” ideals, something that the actress had not experienced growing up in Hollywood.

According to Thomas’s explanation, the feeling of being linked to her “tribe” was facilitated by the discovery of a person who understood her while also sharing her core beliefs.

Donahue not only brought love and understanding into Thomas’s life, but he also persuaded her to do something she never imagined she would do.

Thomas discussed some of the reasons she did not believe in marriage when speaking for an interview. The actress was questioned by the interviewer what inspired her opinions on marriage, and she admitted that it was her parents.

Thomas said that she saw her mother sacrifice a successful singing career in order to assist her renowned talk show host husband, Donny Thomas, in expanding his television program known as “The Donny Thomas Show.”

“I simply don’t feel it’s for me. It would seem that there is only room for one and a half people there, namely the one who conceives of the idea and the other person who encourages them to pursue it.”

It was a profound shift in the course of her life when Thomas proposed to her, “it was a really major thing for me to recognize that marriage might be a spacious enough space for both my dream and his dream.

This was a very important realization for me. I needed to find the proper sort of guy, the world needed to go through a lot of change, and I needed to go through a lot of change.”

The former cast member of “That Girl” said that she is unsure whether or not she believes in marriage as either a concept or an institution, but she highlighted that she has faith in her own marriage.

Thomas and his wife celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary by sharing a flashback photo from their wedding on Instagram.

The actress even revealed that she and her spouse usually dress up for one other and have a great evening together when they go out to eat together.

It is evident that marriage requires two people to make it work when you hear it from the lips of a couple which has been together for 42 years.

Trust can be earned, as shown by Thomas and Donahue, and once it has reached a certain level of maturity, it is resistant to challenges from any source.

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