Everyone in audience was moved to tears by Keith Urban’s touching interaction with a child with special needs during his concert…

The musician Keith Urban is regarded as a living legend in the genre of country music.

Although Urban was born in New Zealand, he has spent the most of his life in Nashville, Tennessee, and it was there in the early 1990s that he began to get attention on a global scale.

Fans like him for his music, but he has also shown that he is a nice and giving guy who appears to constantly have a cheerful outlook. As a result, he has gained an enormous amount of popularity among his followers.

During the previous two years, the pandemic has forced the postponement of a significant number of live music events.

Now that health restrictions are being relaxed more, artists and musicians like Urban are getting back out on the road and touring the globe.

Since May 2022, Urban has been performing throughout the United States as part of his “The Speed of Now” World Tour.

His run across the country came to a close on November 4, 2022 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

One conversation appeared to have stood out above the others among the beautiful moments that Urban has shared with his fans while on his tour. The heartwarming moment brought everyone on the internet to tears, and it was one of the interactions that Urban shared with his followers.

After having a conversation with a couple who were positioned in front of the stage, Urban was introduced to their son, Kellen, who it was subsequently discovered was there at the event to celebrate a rather extraordinary accomplishment.

Urban lunged for what seemed to be a cardboard guitar that tiny Kellen was playing when he learned their names.

After that, he went on to autograph the blinged-up improvised guitar as Kellen’s name was spelt out to the singer by Chris, the boy’s father.

After a few moments, Urban allowed Chris to speak for the purpose of revealing a particularly special piece of information to the audience.

Chris stated, “They said he would never walk or talk and now he knows all of your songs,” just before the entire Peoria Civic Center in Illinois erupted into a chorus of “awws” and applauses.

Urban put out his hand and proceeded to give Kellen a hug after being moved by what the little child had overcome at such a young age; this prompted the audience to applaud even harder.

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