Everyone was impressed by Perce Brosnan’s reaction to the comments about his wife’s weight

After the actor’s first wife died, Brosnan and Smith married. They had two lovely sons and still appeared in love after 20 years. Despite criticism over Smith’s weight gain after giving birth to a kid, the couple has stood firm. Indeed, Brosnan has taken a stand against those who have fat-shamed his wife—talk about a loyal husband:

Marriages in Hollywood are both exhilarating and complex, whether they are the result of a fleeting fling between two young stars or a long-term relationship that went wrong. Pierce Brosnan’s marriage to his wife has stood the test of time. They’ve been married for nearly two decades. Every time they are photographed together, it is obvious that they are madly in love. However, their relationship has been the topic of much discussion in recent years.

Everyone was captivated by how charming Brosnan, 68, and Keely Shaye Smith, 58, were as a couple when they first married because they were both exceptionally gorgeous. They originally met in April 1994 and married in Ireland on August 4, 2001. Their two sons are Dylan Thomas Brosnan and Paris Beckett Brosnan.

Smith acquired significant weight after giving birth to their two children, sparking negative remarks about her appearance. People were astonished to find that the former James Bond actor had remained with someone whose appearance had changed so dramatically, but Brosnan and Smith’s love has repeatedly proved that it transcends beyond the surface level.

Whatever anybody thinks of his wife or what traditional beauty standards indicate, Brosnan has constantly demonstrated that he appreciates his wife’s beautiful personality the most. Love is more than skin deep in their relationship, as Brosnan has gone above and beyond to shield his wife and their relationship from the public eye, no matter what either of them looks like.

The Irish actor is best known for playing secret agent James Bond in four Bond films: “GoldenEye,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” “The World Is Not Enough,” and “Di.e Another Day.” He’s also appeared as a character in other video games based in the same universe.

Brosnan dropped out of school aged 16 and went on to study for three years at the Drama Centre in London, England. He began his career as a stage actor before going on to TV and film, with one of his first major roles in the 1982–1987 TV series “Remington Steele.” Following that, he was popular in films such as “The Fourth Protocol” and “Mrs. Doubtfire.” In a succession of films, he climbed to international fame and money as James Bond, catapulting him to instant notoriety.

On the other hand, Brosnan has faced his fair share of adversity throughout his life. Cassandra Harris, his first wife, died of ovarian cancer after 11 years of marriage. The couple’s sole biological son was Sean Brosnan. When Harris’s two children from a previous marriage, Charlotte and Christopher, died in 1986, Brosnan adopted them.

It was tough for Brosnan to deal with so many obstacles, but he was lucky to have Smith by his side to support and aid him in every way he could. Throughout her career, Smith has worked as an actor, journalist, author, and television personality. People may recognize her from shows such as “General Hospital,” “Good Morning America,” “The Home Show,” and “Entertainment Tonight.”

Brosnan has supported his wife throughout their marriage since she has always been there for him in his worst hours. According to Fabiosa, Smith gained weight after giving birth to their two children and has kept it off. While others reprimanded her, Brosnan was constantly at her side, showering her with love and respect. They’ve been staring at each other as though they’re in love all over again. When Keely looks at me, I become weak in the knees, “Brosnan explained.”

According to Fabiosa, Smith supported Brosnan in “coming to life” following the deaths of his first wife and daughter, helping him to fully grieve and deal with his life’s devastating losses. In 2013, Brosnan told Express, “Keely has always been lovely and compassionate, and she has supported me in my grief over Cassie.”He went on:

I think about her all the time. I feel like Keely is my North Star, continuously keeping an eye on me.

Smith’s charm and golden heart have always been the basis for Brosnan’s love for his wife. This became clear when internet trolls began publicly ridiculing Smith’s weight. Jenelle Evans of “Teen Mom” fame posted photos of the couple on Facebook last year, criticizing Smith’s looks. Her spouse also reacted angrily, and Facebook was eventually compelled to step in.

Evans shared two photos of Brosnan and Smith together, one from early in their relationship and one from much later. In both photographs, they’re on a beach, and their bodies are on full display. “This is us,” Evans said, identifying her husband. Eason reacted swiftly, “We don’t look that obese,” to which Evans replied, “Close to it” and a laughing emoji. Their vicious attacks, however, did not go undetected, and they were briefly barred from Facebook.

But Brosnan seemed unconcerned with scathing internet comments, and he had no issue with his wife’s size. But it’s not just random people who have commented on Smith’s weight. According to Brosnan, even people they know have uttered such things. As he mentioned

Friends suggested she get weight-loss surgery. But I adore her every curve. She is, in my opinion, the most beautiful person. She was also the mother of our five children.

Furthermore, he remarked,

I used to love her for who she was, not just her beauty, and now since she’s the mother of my children, I love her much more. And I am immensely proud of her, and I aim to always be worthy of her adoration.

Whatever life has thrown at Brosnan and Smith, they have remained by each other’s sides, and they appear to be as in love as they have always been while supporting one another. To honor the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary, Brosnan posted a wonderful then-and-now photo on Instagram with an affectionate caption in the comments. “Happy anniversary, my lovely Keely. “My love grows with you forever,” wrote the actor. When it comes to this Hollywood couple, it appears like love is always in the air.

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