Everyone was shocked when they discovered why their neighbor painted his home bright pink

Emilio adores his “pink palace,” but his neighbors are enraged by the new paint.
Several people say that a man’s house is his castle—a place where he or she can do whatever they want, as long as it’s legal, of course.

What anyone does in their home is their own business, whether it’s winter barbecues, lawn flamingos, or painting your entire house a new color—despite neighbor protests.

A resident in Austin’s Pflugerville neighborhood chose to paint his entire house a bright pink color.

Imagine taking a routine walk through your neighborhood and seeing only browns and grays until you come across a house painted entirely in pink—the walls, the doors, the gutters, the roof, the color of Pepto-Bismol. Would you be bothered by it?

Emilio Rodriguez purchased the one-story house in November 2018.

The wheelchair-bound guy was paralyzed in an accident when he was four years old and has lived his entire life with heart problems. As a result, pink is a color that has always made him happy.
“It’s just my favorite color,” Rodriguez told CBS Austin, “and I have it tattooed all over my body, including my neck.”
Emilio began painting the back of his house, and now every inch of it is the color of bubblegum, from the walls to the gutters. or, as Emilio put it, Pepto-Bismol.
Emilio also believes he should contribute to “keeping Austin weird,” as many residents do.

While Austin has a reputation for being more innovative than the rest of Texas, it appears that painting one’s entire house pink is pushing some neighbors’ buttons.

“I love this house,” Emilio told CBS. “I’m not sure why people don’t like it; a lot of people love it.”

In addition, the Austin resident intended to paint his driveway and wheelchair pink.

Emilio did his homework and double-checked that what he was about to do was legal before acting on his dream.

The homeowner confirmed that the house was not part of any homeowner’s association. He stated to FOX 7:

“Even if they made an HOA right here, I’m grandfathered in, so we’re good.” “I did my homework ahead of time.”

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