Fans came out in support of Mariska Hargitay when Kathy Hilton used lip gloss during her PCA speech

Mariska Hargitay was dressed to the nines at the People’s Choice Awards on December 6, 2022. (PCA). The “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU)” actress wore a white shirt with her arms crossed and neatly tucked into her flowing skirt.

The gleaming greenish-yellowish skirt was a wraparound with a lengthy train. Hargitay completed her dazzling awards appearance with a little silver glitter purse, a gold-looking bracelet, and matching heels.

Taking to Instagram, the actress stated that The Closet Files had “knocked” her look “out of the park” and that she’d gone above and beyond for her admirers.

She received the female television star award that year and made an emotional acceptance speech. Hargitay described the award as an “unbelievable honor” since she had a “one-of-a-kind” relationship with her followers, adding:

“Because we all carry so much, it’s such a deep, intimate, and personal connection; thank you for this.”

The actress, who portrayed Captain Olivia Benson on SVU, said she was moved by the award’s two words. The celebrity explained how the term “people” represented people of diverse nationalities, genders, origins, and identities.

The second and more important word, “choice,” inspired her to honor everyone’s ability and readiness to choose compassion, generosity, and bravery, as well as to learn and listen in order to bridge their divisions and differences.

Hargitay thought those characteristics were more crucial than ever. However, when she took the stage to deliver her acceptance speech, she encountered an unexpected competitor!

As Hargitay talked enthusiastically about her prize, one of those who gave it to her stood by her side in full view of the cameras. Kathy Hilton of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH)” didn’t just stand politely and listen with the rest of the audience; she felt it was time to freshen up her cosmetics!

RHOBH fan account on Twitter tweeted a video of the event, noting how Hilton opted to apply lip gloss at the time! While standing with five other reality stars from her program at the time, the 63-year-old didn’t attempt to be subtle with her intentions.

Hilton took a sparkly purse from under her arm, opened it, fished around in it for a few seconds, and finally located her lip gloss while Hargitay spilled her heart out. Instead of stopping there, the reality star took advantage of it and smacked her lips twice in front of the camera!

It was perplexing how Hilton selected that exact time on stage to apply her lip gloss, and it quickly became the buzz of the town on social media. While some fans were upset by what she did, others saw nothing wrong with it.

Some people on Twitter thought Hilton’s actions were unfair to Hargitay. One user said, “Very nasty,” referring to the fact that the reality star wouldn’t move out of the way so the actress could give her speech alone.

Someone else also complained about Hilton pulling out her lipstick to apply it, believing it was done on purpose and that it wasn’t “cool.” Another person mentioned how the reality star made expressions and puffed as if she were bored.

The admirer criticized Hilton’s move, calling it “very classy,” before informing her that Hargitay had “more class” than she could ever purchase. A third admirer singled out the RHOBH star in their comment, writing:

“Your conduct was very unprofessional, horrible, and really disrespectful!”

However, several viewers defended Hilton, with one person questioning the allegation that her actions were “unforgivable,” speculating that the reality star hadn’t known she wasn’t in the image.

[Kathy] Hilton’s move was compared to putting cosmetics in a restaurant by one admirer.

The audience assumed she hadn’t yawned and that applying lipstick was a kind of anxiety-coping technique. The guy even said how some people have ticks and don’t know it when going through certain routines.

Someone else agreed, saying the action was Hilton’s go-to when she was uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do. According to the admirer, the celebrity grew fidgety and reached for her lip gloss.

The individual stated that they did not believe Hilton was attempting to be nasty, despite the fact that it appeared that way. Another follower made the amusing observation that dry lips didn’t wait for anybody, for those who believed Hilton was impolite.

Another fan of the TV star thought that Hilton’s actions were “just tacky,” and compared them to putting on makeup in a restaurant.

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