Fans of America’s Got Talent are blown away by a performance by a duo in which “Simon Cowell” sings on stage…

Tom, from Australia, and Chris, from Belgium, reveal that they formed a firm together and have just met in person for the first time two days ago, after the pandemic. They bring out a different singer from a previous season who goes by the name of Daniel.

Daniel is preparing to perform when a picture of Simon Cowell pops up on the screen as they begin filming with a camera. From the perspective of the judges, the actual Simon seems to be terrified, and suddenly all of the judges bust out laughing at his performance.

During the time when Daniel is impersonating Simon Cowell, the crowd laughs and waves their hands as he sings.

Simon makes light of the situation by joking that they have discovered the ideal competitor. The jury compliments the crew on the outstanding work that they performed in developing this. They claim having skill makes them happy and gives them a sense of humor.

They are granted approval by the judges. The audience was treated to a humorous and enjoyable experience thanks to the efforts of these two gentlemen, who used their knowledge of metaphysics. They uncovered an untapped market for something that had never been done before.

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