Flamingo on the run… After 17 years…

Whenever his guests see roseate spoonbills, which are tiny birds that may be pink like flamingos, fishing guide David Foreman on the Gulf Coast used to correct them that they are looking at another bird: “It’s almost as if nature is trying to put me in my place; If Mr. Knows-Everything believes there are no flamingos in Texas, he is mistaken. Please have a look at this.”

A flamingo that has been on the run for 17 years after escaping from the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas, was recently seen in Texas, of all places.

Photograph taken at Lavaca Bay, Texas, by Texas Parks and Wildlife in May was published on social media by Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Though, the bird had previously visited the same region about this time last year, indicating that Texas is certainly a favorite summer vacation destination.

The flamingo, known as No. 492, escaped from the Kansas City Zoo with another bird during a windy storm in 2005 and the location of the second bird is now unknown.

Flamingo No. 492, so called because of the yellow identifying band that can still be seen around its thigh, is roughly 20 years old today and might live to reach 40 years old, which means we could be looking at another 20 years of flamingo sightings in the southern United States.

Sure, flamingos aren’t native to Texas (or anyplace else in the United States save South Florida, for that matter), but No. 492 is unmistakably a Texan at heart, and you won’t be able to alter his mind about this bird.

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