Following Amy Grant’s Accident, Her Daughter Performs A Moving Tribute To Her Mother Called “When My Momma Prays…”

Corrina Grant, the daughter of Christian superstar Amy Grant, visited her mother in the hospital after the accident that put her there. She gave a touching homage to her mother. A stunning performance of “When My Momma Prays” was given by Amy’s youngest kid, who is also the child of her relationship with Vince Gill.

After Amy Grant’s injury, sure she had a lot of concerns, but when Corrina took the stage and started singing, she probably put all of those concerns to rest. It is astounding to see how much love this stunningly attractive youngster of twenty-two has.

The striking resemblance between the two of them is one of the characteristics that elevates her already exceptional status.

During a performance, Vince Gill introduced his daughter and shared with the audience the song that she would sing in honor of her mother, Amy. Vince then went on to describe how Amy Grant had been involved in a bicycle collision, which had also been reported on Amy’s own Facebook page.

Due to the fact that it caused Corrina to shed some tears at the conclusion of her performance, one might deduce that the accident had been a quite serious one.

Vince explained, “We haven’t been doing the song much, but because of her accident and everything she’s been going through, we’ve been thinking a lot about her, and I thought how sweet it would be for her youngest to sing the song I wrote for her.”

Seeing Corrina and Vince sing together was without a doubt the most heartfelt gesture that could have been made. Because her performance evoked such strong feelings in the crowd and showcased such a wonderful voice, they gave her a standing ovation.

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