Following her return to acting at the age of 80, Linda Evans feels “more flexible” than she ever has before, and she is embracing her newer self…”

“Dynasty” gave Linda Evans the opportunity of a lifetime when they cast her in the character of Krystle Carrington. But the journey that brought her to the program that is now receiving widespread recognition was the product of an unsatisfied yearning to have a happy marriage.

When Evans was only 15 years old, a director saw her during an audition for a friend and offered her a role on the comedy “Bachelor Father.” After that, she was cast in a significant part on the TV show “Big Valley,” and she was well on her way to establishing a prosperous career in television. However, she developed feelings for John Derek, and marrying him became her ultimate goal.

Her ideal became a nightmarish reality when her spouse cheated on her, which led to the dissolution of their marriage in 1973. Evans was “devastated” to learn that she had lost both her spouse and the dreams she had for the two of them moving forward. But as time went on, she came to the conclusion that the divorce had really been a fortunate turn of events.

“If I had remained married to John, who didn’t want me to work, I could have never done ‘Dynasty.'”

Evans gave marriage another try two years later with real estate salesman Stan Herman, whom she characterized as a gorgeous playboy. This time, however, the marriage did not last. 1979 was the year when marriage ended. The actress pulled herself up, restarted her career, and focused all of her efforts on the new part she was playing on the show “Dynasty.”

Evans took on the role of Krystle Carrington, the angelic wife of oil billionaire Blake Carrington, who was portrayed in “Bachelor Father” by John Forsythe, who also appeared in the show with Evans.

Following the conclusion of “Dynasty,” Evans led a sequestered existence in the state of Washington. She made her acting debut in the film “Swan Song” in 2021 when she was 78 years old. One may use the word “outrageous” to describe the action, but the actress said that it motivated her. It would seem that the story was able to stimulate her interest and feelings to the point where she decided to come out of retirement.

Fans of “Dynasty” used to want Evans’s long blonde hair and attractive face back when she was at the height of her popularity on the show.

The actress has acknowledged to having some work done after the program ended in order to continue to have the appearance of a young woman even if she is no longer a part of it. She has pledged that this would be the last time she ever has cosmetic surgery and here is why:

“The disadvantage of cosmetic surgery is that after ten years gravity has won, and you’ll need to have it redone,” said one surgeon.

Evans now favors a more natural approach to maintaining her beauty and health, as opposed to undergoing surgical procedures such as nips, tucks, and laser treatments. Avoiding the things that may make you ill, such as stress, bad food, and a lack of exercise, is an excellent strategy for maintaining good health.

Long walks in the woods and along the river are two of the actress’s favorite places to take her dog, Alexie. She enjoys going to the gym and working out with weights. As a result of an injury, she decided to start stretching in order to increase her flexibility and core strength. Without adding yoga to her workout routine, it just wouldn’t be the same.

She overcame her despair and her illness by maintaining a healthy view on life and by giving careful attention to her physical wellbeing.

According to Evans, she practices meditation first thing in the morning in order to find inner calm and prepare her mind for the challenges of the day.  To appear and feel her best at the age of 80, the actress puts in a lot of effort, beginning with gaining an awareness of the relationship between the physical, the cerebral, and the spiritual.

She is now making the most of her life by pursuing the things that bring her joy and spending quality time with the people that are important to her. The star of “Dynasty” had this to say:  “I had no idea that spending time alone oneself could be so relaxing until recently. ”

In terms of romantic pursuits, Evans is satisfied to stay on her own for the foreseeable future.

She is thrilled, stronger, and more adaptable than before, and she is looking forward to the possibility of going back to work.

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