For their seventh Thanksgiving dinner together, Grandma meets up with the Complete Stranger Whom She Texted By Accident…

There are occasions when a simple text message may lead to an unanticipated friendship that can continue for years. If we received a message from someone we don’t know, the vast majority of us wouldn’t give an incorrect number a second consideration, even if it was a wrong number.

Having said that, an incorrect number does sometimes result in a miraculous occurrence that goes on to become one of the internet’s most popular and talked-about tales.

The story of Jamal Hinton and Wanda Dench’s accidental connection to one other is one of the most widely shared on the internet. In 2016, Dench mistook her grandson for a texting partner when she sent him an invitation to Thanksgiving.

Nevertheless, she was unaware that she had really contacted Hinton and that he had replied to her message.

Despite the fact that their conversation was brief but pleasant, it turned out to be something very exceptional for the two of them.

Hinton informed Dench that she had the incorrect number, but he asked if he could still join their family Thanksgiving anyhow. Dench’s response was, “Sure thing.” “Of course you can. Grandmas are responsible for providing food for everyone in the family.”

Hinton and Dench, who were total strangers up until their fateful text conversation in 2016, will celebrate Thanksgiving together for the seventh consecutive year in 2022.

Dench, like with a great number of other people in the year 2020, had a very difficult year as a result of the passing of her devoted spouse owing to the pandemic. During this difficult period, Hinton made it a point to be there for Dench and express his support for her.

Dench chose to spend Thanksgiving with Hinton in 2020 and again in 2021, despite all that she had gone through in the intervening years.

Hinton has made it a point to keep all of his fans up to speed with images of the two of them each year, and there is no reason to believe that this year will be any different.

Dench revealed the following on their first conversation: “I really clicked when I met him and initially chatted to him.” Hinton felt the same way and said that “it was so unexpected, but she was just so kind about it.”

In addition, he mentioned Dench by saying, “It served as a timely reminder that the world is not devoid of all morally upstanding citizens.

She explained to me that her husband was a veteran, and she would often have dinner parties for his friends. As a result, she is used to having a large number of guests around to her home.

She is a really kind person. I’m not sure what it was about her, but she simply gave out an energy that put me at ease.”

In the course of their time together, Dench also celebrated Thanksgiving with Hinton’s family and became acquainted with many of the significant individuals in his life.

“It was wonderful when she finally got to meet my family. It meant a lot to me that a close friend was finally able to share a meal with me and my family, and the fact that it took place on Thanksgiving made the experience much more meaningful,” Hinton said.

Dench and Hinton are now considered to be members of each other’s families, and Hinton revealed in a tweet that the two of them will be spending their seventh consecutive Thanksgiving holiday together.

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