Friends pull a viral prank by hanging a poster of themselves at a McDonald’s restaurant that goes unnoticed for months…

Two individuals from state of Texas were successful in concealing a giant photograph of themselves on the wall of a McDonald’s restaurant for up to two months without anybody seeing it.

When Christian Toledo and Jehv Maravilla went to the McDonald’s near their homes in Pearland, Texas, they discovered that none of the advertisements or posters included any photos of Asian people.

Because it didn’t have exactly the variety that they had hoped for, the two friends thought it would be a good idea to hang their own image on the wall instead.

By acting as though they were students and emulating the design of the other posters, Christian and Jehv were able to make a phony poster.

The next thing that needed to be done was to find out how to hang it on the wall.

They were able to put their poster on the wall with the assistance of a few friends, where it stayed undiscovered for fifty-two days until Jehv tweeted about it. As fate would have it, Jehv found a McDonald’s uniform in the trash.

The two students may have been in trouble, but instead they received a message from the local franchisee who praised the kids’ inventiveness and expressed their want to serve them again at their establishment.

Jehv and Christian had high hopes that their prank will get the attention of corporate McDonald’s, and that they may even be considered for future employment as advertising models as a result.

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