George Clooney Explains the Motives Behind His Generous Gift of $1 Million to 14 of His Closest Friends…

Rande Gerber, a close friend of George Clooney and his business partner, said in 2017 that the famous actor had previously presented each of his 14 closest friends with a monetary gift of one million dollars.

In an interview in the year 2020, Clooney verified this information and elaborated on the inspiration for his charitable act.

“Amal and I had just met, but we weren’t dating at all,” Clooney said, recalling his state of mind in 2013, as he looked back on the year. “I was a single man. We had all reached our senior years. I was somewhere about 52 at the time. And the majority of my pals are far older than I am.

The Hollywood hunk came to the realization that despite the fact that he was unattached, he was really fairly blessed to have devoted closest friends at his side. He said that throughout the course of 35 years, these individuals have assisted him in some way or another.

“And there was a moment when I realized, you know, that without them I wouldn’t have any of this. Because of how close we are to one another, I’ve decided to include all of them in my will in the event that I am fatally wounded. Then why the hell am I sitting around waiting to be run over by a bus? Clooney concocted a scheme that seemed to be lifted directly from the movie “Ocean’s Eleven.”

He purchased a vehicle that had the term “Florist” painted on the side of the vehicle.

After that, he went to a facility in downtown Los Angeles that was stocked with “huge pallets” of money and removed $14 million in cash from there. After everything was finished, the actor invited his circle of closest friends, who they referred to as “The Boys,” over to his place for supper the next day.

“And I just held up a map and I just pointed to all the places I got to travel in the world and all the things I’ve gotten to see because of them,” Clooney told the magazine. Here is how Gerber recalled the wonderful opportunity that only comes along once in a lifetime.

“George proceeds to say, ‘Listen, I want you guys to know how much you mean to me in my life,'” he added, “‘when I was in Los Angeles, I slept on your sofa. I am very blessed to have each and every one of you in my life, and without each and every one of you, I would not be where I am right now.

As a result, it was of the utmost significance to me to be able to offer something back while we are still all here together. Therefore, I want all of you to open your bags.'”

Gerber said that everyone was “in astonishment” once they saw the financial presents they had received.

Gerber made an effort to reciprocate the big present that Clooney had given him. He took him aside and informed him that he would not be accepting the one million bucks.

The A-lister struck a deal with himself straight away, saying, “I’m simply going to make one announcement, “If Rande declines the offer of one million dollars, then no one will get their money.”

Gerber, a wealthy businessman in his own right, donated his contribution to a charitable organization.

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