George Clooney’s Donation of $21,000 For This Specific Cause Has Not Been Made Public For One Reason…

A town in France that had been devastated by floods apparently received a donation of $21,000 from George Clooney towards the end of last year.

Over the weekend, Jérémy Giuliano, the mayor of Le Val, which is located in Provence, in the southeast of France, expressed his gratitude to the star of Ticket to Paradise for assisting in the provision of temporary housing for local residents whose homes had been severely damaged by heavy flooding in October 2021.

“A note informing us that George Clooney wanted to get in touch with us was delivered the day following the floods. Which led to a contribution in the amount of 20,000 euros, “Giuliano said , “I want to say thank you since it was completely unplanned.”

Giuliano stated that he initially chose to keep the news of the “enormous” donation under wraps because “it would not have been appropriate to over-publicize it and to put it in the media.”

According to him, things are different today due to the fact that the repairs on the residences in the hamlet are getting very close to being finished , “therefore I pushed for us to mention it because it’s vital for the bereaved to identify who gave this contribution.”

Both George Clooney and his 44-year-old human rights attorney wife Amal Clooney have become well-known for the charitable work that they have done together.

At the very first Albie Awards, which were held in September, the pair honored those who had made significant contributions to the Clooney Foundation for Justice.

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