Gigi Hadid referred to Kanye West as a “bully and a joke” in a recent clash on the Instagram after Kanye posted photos of her…

Gigi Hadid has had it up to here with Kanye West’s stunts, and now she is calling out the rapper for coming after her friend Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, who is also a contributing editor at Vogue.

The fashion journalist posted her thoughts on Kanye West’s very contentious presentation in Paris to her Instagram account, labeling the line as “irresponsible.”

This action caused West to post images of the fashion journalist to his Instagram account and to trash her own personal style.

When Hadid saw one of her friend’s posts being mistreated, she rushed to her friend’s rescue by writing a remark on one of singer’s posts.

In the comments section of an Instagram image that was published on October 4, she commented, “You wish u had a portion of her brain.  You have no idea haha…. If any of your sh*t genuinely has any significance, then it’s possible that she’s the only one who can rescue you from it.

As if the so-called “honor” of being invited on your program should prevent someone from sharing their thoughts… Lol. You are both a bully and a fool.”

Hadid also expressed her support for Karefa-Johnson on her Instagram Story by posting a repost from Vogue writer José Criales-Unzueta as well as a post from Business of Fashion with a picture of the journalist which she wrote, “one of the most influential people in our sector of the business. Could teach that despicable guy some lessons in more ways than he is even aware of.”

West unveiled the line during a live broadcast, during which it was filled with shirts that said “White Lives Matter.” This prompted a significant amount of anger on the internet.

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