Goldie Hawn on why she has never married to Kurt Russell despite being together for more then 40 years…

While filming “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band” in 1966, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell first became acquainted with one another. Russell was just 16 years old whereas Hawn was 21 years old at the time.

When they ran into each other again many years later, she suddenly recalled how much she liked him during their first meeting.

At the time, she believed he was too young, and both of them vowed they would never date other actors.

However, when they ran into each other again, she suddenly recalled how much she liked him during their first meeting. Only twenty years after their first encounter, the couple welcomed their first and only child together, Wyatt Russell.

By that time, Russell and his ex-wife Season Hubley already had a son named Boston, while Hawn and her ex-husband Bill Hudson already had two children together named Kate and Oliver.

There is a tremendous amount of affection not just between Hawn and Russell, but also among their children.

Russell raved about his one and only real love in the year 1990, remarking at the time: “You are really fortunate if someone like Goldie Hawn comes into your life and makes you feel the way that she does.”

Their children shared this feeling, but they also brought Russell into the conversation.

Oliver, Goldie’s kid, reportedly gushed to the media about how wonderful his mother and stepfather were. In point of fact, he disclosed that they were a close-knit family that even choose to live in close proximity to one another.

Even though the Hollywood A-listers have been together for over four decades at this point, many people are still perplexed as to why they haven’t been married yet.

In 2015, Hawn provided a definitive response to this question by disclosing that if she had been married, she would have been divorced for a considerable amount of time, which is the same outcome as occurred with her previous relationship with Hudson.

Marriage, in Hawn’s view, is a “psychological issue” that has the ability to slow individuals down and prevent them from achieving their full potential.

The actress places a high importance on her autonomy and the knowledge that she is not “tied” to anybody as a result of a formal marriage or partnership. For her, being unmarried allows her the autonomy to choose her own path in life while maintaining her contentment in her relationship with Russell.

In point of fact, she and Russell have shown throughout the course of their relationship that they do not need marriage in order to have a successful partnership.

Even after all these years, they are still head over heels in love with one another and continue to be a powerful pair both off-screen and on-screen.

After the initial film that was responsible for them meeting, they went on to feature in a number of other films together, the most recent of which are the Christmas-themed specials “The Christmas Chronicles” and “The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two,” which are both available on Netflix.

And what, exactly, is the key to the longevity of their relationship? Russell is the first to recognize that there is no correct response to that question.

Instead, Russell reveals that he takes everything one day at a time and approaches each circumstance in a manner that is day-to-day dependent on the circumstances.

He emphasizes the significance of actions rather than words and accepting one another for who they are, noting that this is what he’s done to make his relationship with Hawn what it is today.

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