Grandfather travels over 1,000 miles to surprise his grandchildren with their favorite gift

When a stray dog strayed onto the Parret family’s property in early December, they had no idea he’d steal their hearts and become a Christmas surprise they’d remember for the rest of their lives.

Nicole and Nathan Parret of Fargo were visiting family in Texas when a little stray puppy arrived out of nowhere.

Despite Nicole’s reservations, the filthy little wanderer bonded with the Parrett youngsters almost immediately.

“We were like, “Don’t touch him; we don’t know whether he’s cruel,” Nicole told WDAY ABC News. “You may pet, but with caution.”

After the dog was cleaned up, it was evident that he, too, was charmed by the kids and didn’t want to go. “He was very nice to the kids, and that’s what won us over, but we were still thinking, no matter what, we’re not taking this dog home,” Nicole explained. Regardless, the youngsters dubbed the dog “Country.”

When the time came for them to return to Fargo, the children cried a lot on their journey home since they missed Country from the minute they left their grandparents.

Grandpa Mike Parrett noticed the tears and realized Country was a unique dog. So he made a choice. Country belongs to his grandchildren.

“I wanted to please them. I knew it, it’s one of those things you just know. “And I was determined to make it happen,” Mike stated. So he went 1250 kilometers to surprise his grandchildren before Christmas morning. And he did surprise them!

When Nathan saw the youngsters’ emotions, he stated, “It was just amazing.” Country has been examined by a veterinarian and is enjoying his new home. And, thanks to Grandpa, the entire family had a memorable Christmas.

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