Grandma, who is 82 years old and competes in powerlifting, gave the burglar a lesson that he will never forget…

Willie Murphy, an 82-year-old powerlifter who lives in Rochester, New York, immediately condemned the intruder when he broke into her house. In fact, she fought so successfully that the intruder had to be taken to the hospital after she defeated him!

Willie just finished getting ready for bed when she heard a man calling her name from outside her door at around 11 o’clock. Willie relayed the following information: “[A guy] was outside yelling for someone to please call an ambulance because I’m sick, I’m sick.”

According to Willie, the guy was upset by the fact that she contacted the police to request assistance but did not open the door for him.

She said, “I hear a loud noise, and at the same time, I’m wondering, ‘what the heck was that?’ The young guy is now located at my house. It was shattered by him.”

At that time, it was beginning to become dark, and she was by herself. Willie, however, had the self-assurance to engage the guy in combat, proclaiming to him that she was “tough” and that “he selected the wrong home to break into.”

It turned out that she did not have a valid cause to be scared. Willie is a multi-award winning bodybuilder who can be seen at the YMCA in Maplewood almost every day getting in his workout.

In the past, she had competed in the championships of the World Natural Powerlifting Federation and won first place in her class on many occasions. After the intruder entered her house, she made the decision to promptly put an end to his adventure.

At that point, it was very evident that the guy wanted to leave the property. In spite of the fact that Willie said she could lift 225 pounds, she had a difficult time getting him to leave the home.

“He wants to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. And I am attempting to assist him in leaving the home, but he is too heavy for me to lift. I am unable to move him. She said that he was a useless burden.”

When she had called the police a few minutes earlier, they were there within a few minutes of her making the call.

Because of the severity of his wounds, the injured guy needed to be transported to the hospital in an ambulance.

“I believe that he was relieved when he went in the ambulance,” the elderly woman who performed power lifting bragged to her friends.

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