Grandma, who is celebrating Christmas for the first time without her husband, receives a heartwarming surprise from her family…

Christmas is a season of joy and goodwill for families, but it can also be a time of profound loneliness and melancholy for those who have just suffered the loss of a loved one.

After her husband of 59 years passed away seven months ago, a grandmother was experiencing her first Christmas without her life partner of 59 years.

However, her family was able to cheer her up by showing her the letters that she and her husband had written to each other when they were at college since he had preserved all of them.

Her granddaughter shared a video on social media in which she said, “My grandfather passed away 7 months ago, therefore this is my grandma’s first Christmas without him in 59 years.

We discovered that she and my grandfather had written letters to one other when they were both attending college in 1962, so we thought it would be a nice Christmas present to give them to her. He has held on to them for all of these years”

Since then, the film has gained widespread attention and, to this day, has had 15 million views.

The granddaughter said in an update, “I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been wishing my grandma well and sharing nice words.  She is doing fantastic and has been expressing over and over again that it’s the finest gift she could’ve asked for.”

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