Grandma, who couldn’t see, was under the impression that she was going to get flowers, but, instead, for the first time she got to hug her…

The first time a grandparent is able to spend quality time with one of their grandchildren is a moment that stays with them forever.

It is a period that elicits sentiments of happiness and excitement, and that is just how this grandmother felt when she first saw her grandson.

The grandma’s birthday was chosen by the child’s father as the day on which he would first unveil his new bundle of joy to the world.

The greatest part is that she had no clue anything was going on or that it was even occurring.

Due to the fact that Grandma is unable to see, her son was able to convince her that he was on his way to deliver her some flowers for her birthday.

However, the most important thing that he could provide to her was her cherished grandson!

The moment granny understood what she was holding, she burst into tears and couldn’t stop them for a long time. It was like love at first sight, and she clung to the infant with all her might.

Despite the fact that they had only just met, the infant boy already held a significant amount of affection for her.

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