Grandpa in tears calls his granddaughter and asks if she would like to go over for a sleepover…

In order to relieve his loneliness, a grandfather asked his granddaughter to spend the night at his house and she gladly accepted!

Having a wonderful connection with her grandparents has been a priority for Megan Elizabeth since she was a youngster.

Countless days spent in their kind companionship resulted in many wonderful memories.

The 92-year-old grandfather had been feeling pretty lonely, which made him even more sad.

He texted to ask if she’d want to come over for an overnight at his place, stating, “I haven’t been feeling well and miss you.” She agreed, and he invited her over.

In the caption, she said that his health has been deteriorating, and that she is taking advantage of any and all chances to visit him.

In response to his request for her participation in a sleepover, she enthusiastically consented, offering to bring food and sweets, which he gratefully accepted.

“Thank you,” Grandpa said at the conclusion of the messages. “You’re my favorite grandchild,” Megan chuckled when she realized she was his only grandchild, but it’s still a really nice moment regardless of that little detail.

The next evening, she came carrying presents that included everything he’d requested, and they spent the evening enjoying each other’s company as well as the ice cream.

Megan’s Grandpa made sure she had a glass of water by her bedside in case she became thirsty throughout the night.

It was her observation that “he made my bed the way he used to do it when I was a kid, with my favorite doll of my grandma’s in it” .

Following that, she is shown resting in bed and becoming tearful, with the subtitles reading: “Staying here brings back so many happy memories from my youth.” “I adore my grandfather tremendously!”

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