Guests are caught off guard when the father, who is leading his daughter down the aisle, abruptly stops and does this…

On the day of his daughter’s wedding, the audience was taken aback when the bride’s father made a detour and did something that no one was expecting.

It’s not necessarily the family you’re born into that becomes your family; sometimes it’s the family you create for yourself.

This was brought to our attention again by a moving video that was posted on TikTok around the end of the previous year. In the video, a father surprised his daughter’s stepfather by requesting him to walk his daughter down the aisle on the day of her wedding.

In the latter half of the year 2021, Kelsey Griffith shared a stunning video documenting her wedding day. As she and her father go down the aisle, “Here Comes the Bride” is playing in the background.

He makes a diversion and, to to Kelsey’s surprise, asks her stepfather to come along with them on their way up to where she would be marrying her fiance.

The group marches towards the altar with their arms clasped together as the music changes from the traditional wedding hymn to “Dancing Queen” by Abba.

To this point, the video has been seen more than five million times. The anecdote was also posted by Griffith on his Instagram account, where he said that the nice gesture stunned everyone.

She shared in the description, “Such a lovely moment from our wedding day,” which was attached to the uploaded picture. “My father took my stepfather by surprise when he invited him to walk down the aisle with us on our wedding day,” she remarked.

“We kept it a secret because we wanted to surprise everyone. Since Andy, my stepfather, has been my primary caregiver ever since I was nine years old, it seemed only fitting that we make a particular mention of him on the day of our wedding.

Including him was such a kind and modest thing to do, and I’m very proud of my dad for doing it because of how it made me feel.”

Many dads daydream of the day they would accompany their daughters down the aisle to marry the man of their dreams, but how many of those fathers see themselves doing so alongside another man who helped them raise their lovely daughter?

The movie motivated a great number of people to tell their own stories about how members of their blended families came together for important life events after watching it.

You should also bear in mind, if you are the biological parent of a kid who is being raised by stepparents, that those stepparents probably love your child just as much as you do.

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