Gymnast catches the audience’s attention as she falls on the mat during a risky exercise

Gymnasts at the collegiate level are nothing short of incredible. People who see these things can’t help but be amazed by how much strength, skill, and control of the whole body are needed to do them.

They’ve taught their bodies to twist in ways they never imagined.

Because gymnasts’ skills and techniques are so different, collegiate gymnastics has four different events for them to show off their skills.

Vault, uneven bars, balancing beams, and floor workouts are examples of these.

Gymnasts vault by sprinting down the runway and frequently doing a double handspring, pushing off the springboard to gain velocity. Before sticking the landing, the gymnast would frequently do a tuck, pike, or other technique.

Uneven bar workouts provide an excellent opportunity for some spectacular movements.
When the gymnast goes from the high bar to the low bar and back, there is a flying element.

There are also several grips available, such as a close bar element and a non-flight turn on the bar, similar to turning handstands. The gymnast must also perform a perfect technique in the dismount.

Equilibrium beams, as the name implies, need the right balance.
Balance bar routines will have amazing jumps and turns that will always amaze people watching.

The floor exercise combines character dance motions with mind-blowing gymnastic techniques.

More intricate routines offer a better chance of getting a high score.

Gymnasts may rack up a lot of points with their floor exercises.
UCLA’s gymnastics team is noted for choreographing difficult gymnastic stunts and dizzying performances. In 2020, however, a one-floor dance by 21-year-old Gracie Kramer stunned the whole audience.

When Gracie started her routine, the critic was caught off guard by her “dark” and “foreboding” persona.

With a change in music came a big smile as she prepared to show off her talent.
Gracie starts on the floor, twisting her body up from a crawling stance into a lunge that sends her rushing down the stage, performing a beautiful handspring and twist.

Then she does a high front twist and falls on the floor. The crowd is transfixed.

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