Hailey Bieber asks Selena Gomes for help given the shaming she has been receiving lately…

The internet has been under the impression that Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber’s dispute has been more heated over the last few weeks.

Due to the fact that they both have a connection with Justin Bieber, the two have been pitted against one another since 2018.

Selena Gomez mentioned Hailey Bieber and the difficult time she was going through in an Instagram story that she recently posted.

Throughout the story, she spoke about the fact that Hailey Bieber was the focus of neglect from hundreds of individuals.

In her Instagram stories, Selena published a statement about the situation. According to what is said in the caption of her post, Hailey Bieber “reached out to me and let me know that she has been getting life threats and such horrible comments.”

“This is not something that I support. Hatred and teasing of any kind should never be forced onto anybody, i’ve always been an advocate for being kind, and I truly, really want all of this to end.

The conflict started a few weeks ago when Hailey and Kylie Jenner were accused of tormenting Selena after she posted a humorous image on social media about her eyebrows. In spite of the fact that the story has gotten momentum, Selena has made it very plain on several occasions that there is no quarrel between the two of them.

Last week, allegations of a romantic relationship between Gomez and Zayn Malik were sparked when the two were sighted together. Both were enjoying their meal together at the establishment, which was located in the city.

A lot of Selena’s admirers have observed that she has started following Zayn again lately.

She has in the past been suspected of having a romantic relationship with Drew Taggart, the lead vocalist for The Chainsmokers; however, she refuted these accusations.

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