“Happy Days” star Marion Ross opened up about her feelings about her retirement, aging, and what she thinks about death

Marion Ross became a household name after acting as a cherished mother to the “Happy Days” group. Ross portrayed Marion Cunningham in the decade-long series and rapidly gained a devoted following.

She is now 94 years old and is still recognized as one of America’s finest television characters. She still has supporters, and her family still loves and supports her despite the fact that she is no longer employed.

Ross turned 94 in October and has been retired for quite some time, yet she has never lost her sense of humor or quirkiness. She’s a mother and grandma now, but she’ll never forget “Happy Days.”

The seasoned actress revealed that she enjoyed portraying Marion Cunningham on television and that she still exploits the role to her advantage. She cracked a joke:

“I use it every time I need the plumber to come—anything I need… I utilize it.”

She confessed that she enjoyed portraying the character since it provided her with several career opportunities. She was also thankful for her co-stars, whom she claimed they had grown to adore.

Ross retired in 2018, but she has stated that she has no regrets about her decision. When asked if she was looking for a part that would bring her back on television, she said that she didn’t care.

When asked how she felt about being retired, she replied that she was highly motivated to be on television when she was younger, but she was now relieved to have some time to relax. She quipped that her most recent performance was in a comedy in which she forgot her lines. She remarked:

“I’m 91 and a half years old, but I’m still quite active and attractive.” “I am looking forward to Mother’s Day, and my entire life is wonderful.”

Ross stated in an interview a few months after her 88th birthday that she never felt old because she was a “kid within,” which kept her feeling fresh. She described her vital energy as the kid within her. She joked that she felt eleven years old.

She stated that being her age gave her permission to rest. While other actresses her age were still working, she claimed she felt no pressure to do anything she didn’t want to do because she already had a great career.

Ross also mentioned her impending death, saying it was difficult for her to imagine dying. She cracked a joke:

“Perhaps, since I’m such an optimist, the most spectacular thing will happen after you die.”

She stated that, while she does not look forward to death, she is not terrified of it because no one knows what happens after you die. She spoke casually and cheerfully about the occurrence.

Ross has two children, both of whom she has raised well. They are a tight family, and Ross has frequently mentioned her children’s accomplishments. Ross is thrilled with her children’s achievements in their lives.

Her son and daughter both followed in her footsteps in Hollywood. Jim Meskimen, her son, is an impressionist and actor who appeared on “America’s Got Talent” in the early 2010s. Ellen Plummer, her daughter, continues to work behind the camera.

Plummer was a writer and producer on “Friends” and its offshoot series “Joey” in the 1990s. Ross stated that she believed her children’s upbringing influenced their professions in the show business industry.

Ross stated that the family usually spoke with some sort of accent and that the mood in their house was typically pleasant and lively. She did, however, say that her children realized how difficult show business was due to her work.

Her son created a YouTube video for her 93rd birthday in October 2021. He demonstrated how they celebrated his mother’s birthday, as well as her emotions toward all they did for her on such a memorable day.

The video begins with Ross and her son doing what he refers to as “a brief road trip” for her birthday. They chatted about her birthday while traveling, and when asked how she felt about turning 93, she said:

“I’m trying to stay engaged in stuff, you know.”

While the remark appeared to be negative, Ross uttered it with a smile and subsequently admitted that it was a nice thing to be alive. She then mentioned how wonderful her family was, to which her son replied that she was loved and valued.

The family then went to a fire station, where her son requested that she stand in front of a fire engine with the letters “T93” inscribed on the front to commemorate Ross’ 93rd birthday. The firefighters consented and even took a picture with her in front of the fire truck.

She then posed in front of a gate with the number “93” written in red to match her dress. Ross always looked happy in the video, and her family was always with her, showing how close they are.

Ross has a special affinity for her grandchildren. Taylor, her granddaughter, once made a video with her grandma in which she stated:

“So, Grandma, I wanted to ask you about heroes today because you’re my hero, and I’m sure you’re a hero to a lot of others.”

Ross moved forward and gently brushed her nose against her granddaughter’s while Taylor made this confession. Taylor then inquired as to whether Ross had any heroes from her past.

Ross stated that she had numerous heroes and that whenever she saw someone intriguing, she wanted to be like them. She admitted to meeting someone intriguing with whom she wanted to be everywhere she went.

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