He had to sell the family home to finance his daughters’ education in the United States, but they never returned. After ten years, he makes the decision to go there to look for them…

When it comes to making their kids happy, parents would stop at nothing to satisfy their needs, however, children often do not recognize the significance of their parents and take them for granted.

This coffee seller who lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, goes by the name of Duyen and is 74 years old sold his home and sent his children to school in another country in 2009, and since then he has not had any of his daughters visit him.

Because his wife passed away while their girls were still very little, Duyen was left to raise his daughters on his own as he worked as a coffee vendor on the streets.

Before his wife passed away, he had a large home, but after she went away, he sold that large house, sent his daughters to another country for further education, and moved into a smaller house for himself. During this time, he carried on with his profession of selling coffee.

He made a lot of concessions in order to provide his girls with the most privileged upbringing possible and throughout it all, all he wanted was for his girls to shine brightly and reach their full potential.

The results of all of father’s labor paid off! Yes, at this point in time one of them has a doctoral degree, while the other holds a professorial position.

Unfortunately, after completing their educations and finding successful employment, none of his daughters returned back to live with him. On the other hand, Duyen disclosed the fact that they often phone to check up on him.

Both of them deserted the single father, and it was only after 10 years that the father made the decision to fly to the United States to find his daughters and come together.

After he had amassed sufficient funds to cover all of his obligations, he announced his intention to take a vacation by hanging a sign at his coffee shop stating that he would be closing for some time.

On the banner, he said that “I would take a break for a total of 48 days. I don’t have any important stuff to bring to the United States, so I will be bringing three kilograms of coffee beans as gifts.”

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