Heartbreaking: In His New Video, Ed Sheeran Pays Tribute To A Friend Who Passed Away…

In a video that was only just made available on SB.TV, Ed Sheeran pays respect to Jamal Edwards, the creator of the firm as well as his close friend. Sheeran does a performance in an empty Samford Bridge Stadium where he sings a song he wrote for Edwards while being illuminated by spotlights and surrounded by candles.

The heartfelt song contains a number of references to the two people’s longstanding relationship.

Edwards passed away in February of the previous year after having a heart attack, which eventually resulted in his passing. Since then, hundreds of musicians have expressed their condolences and paid respect to Edwards as an important tastemaker. Edwards is credited for helping launch the careers of some of the most prominent figures in British music, including Stormzy, Dave, and Ed Sheeran himself.

SB.TV was established by Edwards in 2006. The video was uploaded to the SB.TV channel on YouTube, and it includes a caption that offers even more praise and admiration for the person who started the company.

Many of Sheeran’s lyrics include specific details that highlight the friendship he had with Edwards. The video’s emotional crescendo comes on a series of lyrics where Sheeran wishes that Edwards could have met his kids and served as their godfather. Sheeran also wishes that Edwards could have been a part of their lives longer.

Sheeran also makes allusions to extended grieving and going to counseling in an effort to recover from the loss of Edwards, and the video concludes with the lights in the stadium turning on to see his name displayed on a board in the grandstand.

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