Here is the encouraging story of a woman who raised five kids on her own while facing challenges such as unemployment while as well being forced out of their home…

Being a single mother to several children is always a difficult situation, but since the epidemic started, it has been far more difficult.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, Alisha Carter, a single mother who is responsible for raising five girls, has struggled with a wide variety of challenges.

The full-time postal worker, who is 35 years old and has lived in hotels and other temporary housing before moving into one of the homeless shelters in her hometown of Baltimore, has just lost her house.

Alisha was at a loss to understand where she had gone wrong. Even though the epidemic was going on, she kept her several productive occupations and worked diligently.

This determined mother held a job the whole time, and she never gave up. Despite this, she and her daughters were now living on the streets. Alisha was eventually fired from her job as a bus driver because of the widespread school cancellations caused by epidemic.

As a result, she was unable to find work and was unable to care for her family financially.

Due to the fact that they had nowhere else to go, Alisha and her girls were forced to spend around two weeks living out of their van.

Fortunately, a friend reached out to Sarah’s Hope, a comprehensive organization that offers services to homeless families around the clock, and requested them for assistance with the family. Sarah’s Hope agreed to assist the family.

Alisha said that, “sometimes you need to go through things in order to become stronger.”

She acquired a new job as a postal worker while they were staying at the homeless shelter, on the other hand, she made sure that her children maintained their education.

The youngsters were content to just be with one another despite the challenging conditions they were living in.

After putting in a lot of effort and saving money, Alisha and her girls were recently able to move into a brand-new house that they can really refer to as “home.” This was made possible through Sarah’s Hope.

Alisha said that “every gloomy spot always has a light, never lose hope.”

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