High school team’s “Cotton Eye Joe” dance will give you a high-energy kick

Senior high school This is the period when lifelong friendships are formed, interests and abilities are developed, and lifelong memories are formed. Teens may not know it now, but when they reach their thirties, they will look back fondly.

It was the same for these high-kicking Leander High School ladies. They were bonding and spending so much time together thanks to this dancing group.

The Connally Stars dance team wowed their pupils with a high-energy routine that was far superior to a cup of Joe.
The girls strutted in a single line, wearing white boots and green skirts with caps, shouting out to all the eyes within the gymnasium that they were there for a good time, with over 2.5 million views.

“I’m really amazed by these girls, doing this in their spare time on top of their studies.” “I applaud your commitment, discipline, and talent!”

According to a spectator,

Before they begin dancing, count the number of girls. Someone is counting down as they collect and march ahead as daintily as possible.

They take up virtually the full length of the basketball court in a sideways position with their heads down. And once the music starts, it’s all smiles and high energy.

You’d better stretch those legs out!
Rednex’s “Cotton Eye Joe” is the tune. The name of the singer and the title of the song already tell you what sort of jam it is.

It’s a very popular tune, and according to Mental Floss,

“Cotton Eye Joe” was a huge hit for Rednex, a group of Swedish techno artists who dressed up in straw hats and muddy overalls to play dress-up. “The strange, fiddle-fueled oddity was actually a rearrangement of an old American folk song, and it do-si-doed all the way to No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100.”

So I think all of these gals felt that was a decent tune to dance to.
They exchange wide smiles as they raise their right legs to about shoulder height with the one next to them.

And the equilibrium! There wasn’t a single shaky dancer in sight!

This is extremely country fair, and the relentless series of kicks as they travel from left to right and back will instantly improve anyone’s spirits. This is fantastic!

Rico Ten stated,

“One of those high kicks and I’d be on my way to the emergency room, yet these gals do it effortlessly—so much practice and hard work.” Just excellent.”

Consider how many hours you might have spent simply stretching and practicing!

The patterns are swift yet smooth, and when they create a circle with arms on each other’s backs, a lifted knee, and a bow, the audience erupts with applause for the dancers.

All of the jumping, kicking, and leg spinning is done at the song’s incredibly fast pace, and the females aren’t sweating or gasping for air.

The last position elicits applause, and these girls have just given them a dance to remember.

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