How a Father Who Was Terrified of Heights Leaped 25 Feet Into Assawoman Bay to Save Drowning Child Of Only Two Years Old…

As soon as one of the fathers who was engaged in a vehicle accident observed a toddler in Assawoman Bay, he took immediate measures to save the child. The incident that occurred on the Route 90 bridge in Ocean City, Maryland, resembled a scene from a horror film.

A two-year-old child was thrown from her vehicle after an accident involving many vehicles. She went over the railing and plunged twenty-five feet into the water of Assawoman Bay.

At precisely the moment when assistance was impossible to get, the most improbable of heroes would come to the rescue. Jonathan Bauer and his daughter Ava, who is 13 years old, were among the people who were involved in the incident. They were both in a state of awe but otherwise they were well.

When Bauer later saw the infant floating in the sea, he felt compelled to take action immediately.

“I spotted the car seat and some other belongings, and approximately six feet away from the car seat was a small girl,” he added.

He was now motivated to take action, so he instructed Ava to get the attention of the first emergency car that she spotted, and then he took action himself. Bauer dived headfirst into the water of the bay, oblivious of the 25-foot drop that lay ahead of him.

He made sure the youngster was awake by holding her up to his shoulder and rubbing her back while she was there. The little child was transported by helicopter to the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, where, happily, she was found to be in good health.

At first, Bauer had every intention of concealing his true identity; nevertheless, there are certain things that are just too good to keep to oneself. And in due time, the people of his city will welcome their hero with open arms.

To begin, Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland awarded Bauer with a governor’s commendation honoring Bauer’s “extraordinary act of sacrifice and courage.” After then, things started moving forward rather quickly for Bauer.

The Air Force Thunderbirds gave him a ride in the cockpit of an F-16 fighter jet as part of their “Hometown Hero” program. Kerri, Bauer’s wife, would later reveal that her husband is truly terrified of heights, despite the fact that he rushed to her aid without a second thought.

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