Hugh Jackman reveals the real reason he was dismissed from his part in Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock…

You can’t come out on top every time. Hugh Jackman was not always the first name that sprang to mind when a casting director or a producer was asked to name their dream cast.

In a brand new cover story, the Australian actor took a look back at his early days and discussed for the first time about one significant part that slipped away from him.

Hugh, now 54 years old, began his career in Hollywood by being sent by his agency to audition for the part of the love interest in the romantic comedy film Miss Congeniality, which was released in 2000 and starred Sandra Bullock.

Hugh revealed that he didn’t even want the gig, but his agent pushed him to get it so that he could use it as leverage while negotiating Hugh’s salary for a role he’d been offered in another movie — Someone Like You, with Ashley Judd.

The recipient of the Tony Award, the Emmy Award, and the Grammy Award commented on the film that he had just finished shooting just before going in for an audition for Miss Congeniality. “No one knew X-Men yet,” he added, “I was a nobody.”

Hugh was completely awestruck when he read lines for his audition with Sandra and was able to recall thinking, ” She is incredible! And with such speed and agility. I’m not even close to being caught up at this point.’

Hugh felt ashamed when he didn’t receive the part of agent Eric Matthews, despite the fact that he hadn’t want it and it had been given to Benjamin Bratt. Hugh assumed it would be an easy part to obtain and was disappointed when he didn’t.

“When your agent tells you, “I don’t want you to get this job, but just go get it,” it is a really embarrassing thing to hear. Then you still don’t get it, “the actor who plays the lead in Greatest Showman stated.

Sandra’s picture, Miss Congeniality, made $212 million at the box office in 2000, while Hugh’s Marvel movie, X-Men, made $296 million. Both films were released within a few months of each other in the year 2000.

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